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Not Much Happening

2017-03-27 04:30:10 by FiveHolesStudio

Not much has been happening. It took way longer than I thought to complete my recent picture (No Fly Zone). Partly because I was busy with other things and also I decided to give Photoshop a try. Switching over from GIMP, so it took a while to get used to it.

But now that I have, I'm hoping to make some more pixel art with Photoshop. And I'm also thinking of trying out some animation, possibly pixel styled. But we'll see.

Edit; Almost forgot! Finally I was recently scouted by Radshoe. So a big thanks!

Pixel Day and Redbubble

2017-01-26 15:36:59 by FiveHolesStudio

Time for an update.

I recently made some art for Pixel Day (The Pearl of Her Eye) and didn't win anything. So no surprises there. But no worries! This recent drawing gave me some new ideas for pixel art. I think I will leave the landscape drawings alone for now to experiment with this new style.

On another note, I made a Redbubble account due to the fact that it is way easier to upload stuff. You can find here if you want to have a look; ""

So, back to work and thanks for reading!

Hello Newgrounds

2016-12-12 13:05:37 by FiveHolesStudio

Thought I should make a news post. Never done this before. But, oh well, here it goes.

I like making pixel art (Even though there isn't much to see here at the moment) and I've been drawing in this sort of style for a while now. Yes, I do have a store on Zazzle. But no, I'm not just drawing to make money. I enjoy it. I really do. Just thought I could try and make a buck from some stuff I make, that's all.

So if you like any of the pixel art you see here, there will be plenty more to come in the future.

Thanks for reading.